A Japanese Martial Art for the Physically Fit and Mentally Alert

Who We Are

One of the best ways of describing this venture would be to label it as a platform which aims to bring together Kendo lovers all over the world. This sport is a passion as far as I am concerned and for me it is immensely satisfying to be able to share its finer points as also general information with all those who are interested or sufficiently inspired to take it up. 

Martial arts have formed an integral part of my life since childhood and my earliest remembrance goes back to my childhood wherein my dad would drop me off to the karate class in the evening, the purpose being to build my self confidence and self esteem. As I grew older, I graduated to other forms, principle amongst them being Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and it provided me with sufficient motivation to travel to different countries of the world and interact with people related to this form of training. Even now, the very idea of exploring the various perspectives that people hold with regards to Jiu Jitsu, Karate and Kendo is exciting enough to semd me on a travling spree. 

Kendo was more of a diversification for me wherein I needed to expand my knowledge and expertise by leaning how to fight with a weapon. Although it might have been easier for me given my martial arts background, the patience and perseverance required to grasp the techniques are traits that I have had to cultivate. Everything said and done, I fell in love with this sport sufficiently to participate in it in every way and building this website is an obvious outcome. 

Through my website, I endeavor to promote Kendo all over the world so that people can benefit from the physical and mental training that it imparts and in the process develop the same degree of discipline as the japanese practitioners. My purpose is also to pass on the knowledge and learning that I have received from my senseis over the years as also to prevent any misconceptions and myths to blot its good intentions. 

To this effect, I am always at hand to answer any questions pertaining to this form of martial art and while posting a query you can rest assured that it will be answered well with plenty of enthusiam and based on true facts. Do get in touch with me at -